Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinterest motivational challenge 3

I can't believe I've actually followed through with 3 projects! Michelle is SO proud of me :)

You can see our other projects here:
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Our 3rd challenge had to involve the use of #1. Paper and #2. A circle punch. Seems easy enough. There were some kick-ass versions on Pinterest to drool over to get are a few of my favorites:

Circle punch artSuper cute!

circle punch collage
Love these!! So Again, the way that our challenge works, is that we set the ground rules, and both Michelle and I set to work on our project...Her in Wisconsin, and me in Virginia. One week later we post the results and see how different and beautiful (sometimes not so much!) they are!!

So...Here is Michelle's AWESOME version with the awesome Baby Jack, as a model! I love it! I suggested that she do one for all 4 of her rescued dachshunds!
She used blue and green 2 inch circles, and and a 1 inch circle punch to cut out copies of a favorite photo of sweet baby Jack!. The background paper is brown Kraft paper, which is a personal favorite of mine! The frame is from the dollar store. I'm in love with the idea of displaying photos this way! So cute and non-traditional!

And here is mine. As usual, I went a totally different direction =)
I started with a 97 cent pizza pan from Wal-Mart. I liked that it was cheap (I was going to use a canvas, so this was WAY cheaper than that!!) and round like my circles. I used the same size circle punch (1.5inches,) for my whole project. I used turquoise, purple, white, and threw in a few shiny zebra circles for fun and just started gluing away in concentric circles until the pan was covered.

So, there is out #3 challenge...onto #4, which will involve pumpkins!! Don't forget to check back next week to see them!

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