Monday, April 29, 2013

To keep it up, or not?

I'm kinda thinking of letting this blog go.
Or moving on to another platform.
I feel like I do circles with my blogs. This is my 2nd blog and my heart is just not in it anymore. I want to be craft blogging, but this platform just leads to procrastinating for me.

A very mousey Easter

So my last post was all about Easter baskets...
I couldn't post what was in the Mouse basket, because I didn't want to let the cat, er...mouse, out of the bag.
What exactly do you put in a grown man's Easter basket?
Well, I'll tell you!

First of all. The "basket" was a large plastic bucket, with a vinyl cutouts on it. I used red and white vinyl and my cricut to make a Transformers Autobot, and one of his silly nicknames that I call him, the most Easter-y one "Jellybeanz."

Among his treasures, there was
*1000 piece Jellybeans puzzle (Its really cool. here is the link on amazon. We will do it on a rainy night in with a bottle of wine or something. I want to put it in a frame or something, since we call each other Jellybeanz, or JBeanz. Cue the awwww)
*Water gun full of jelly beans
*Chocolate storm trooper bunny
*Transformers tooth brush
*Black and hot pink dress socks
*Beer savers, he doesn't waste beer very often, but I I guess this was more for me
*A cool bottle opener
*Tons of candy

Did anyone else make an adult Easter basket??