Saturday, May 26, 2012

Congratulations and Catching up!

So here we are again, another month and a half has come and gone without a blog post. This is becoming a theme around here,and not one that I am proud of, but I think I MAY have solved it today!

Most of the problem has been the lack of a computer to post from...when I left Chicago, I took our laptop but there was some insanity and I couldn't take it I was the bigger person and sent it back. Well folks, computers, like money, do not grow on trees...and I have not been able to afford one. I still can't. What I DID find today was a kickASS deal on an Android here we are :)

In the last 45 days:
I have moved from a temporary room, back into a more permanent and comfortable situation in my old  childhood room...its not half bad. Oscar likes it too.

 I have gotten my 5th paycheck at work, which means I have been there fora little over ten weeks. I've re-certified all of my necessary courses, and I'm still digging it!

I turned 28 on May 4th....and the verdict is still out on how I feel about it. I have started sleeping less than 4 hours per night :(

My best good friend, Matt and his wife, Gioia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jackson!!! While they were at the hospital I surprised myself by caring for their 8 and 6 year olds for 3 days, alone...and doing a damn good job! And last night cared for, baby Jax from 9pm to 4am to give his poor Momma break!

 Went on a real date

Watched my BABY sister graduate from college, and helped my parents throw her a pretty sweet par-tay! (more on that later)

Probably more sweet stuff I cant remember right now :)

And so my that I have my computer problem fixed, I'm going to TRY not to go another 45 days without blogging and FINALLY try and get around to blogging all of the kick ass projects that I have been working on, including all of the decorations and awesomeness that was Hannah's grad party!

Have tablet will travel...

I may have finally solved my no computer/net issues...which is why there has been such a lack in blogging! More lateron this week  as  I figure all this new technology out!

Much love!
Whem and Oscar,the snores-like-a-grown-man-Dachshund