Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yard sale detail...

If you don't know already, I spend every Saturday and and Sunday that I can at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc.
When I'm at these places, I try and find thrift stores, consignment shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

As much as I love the treasures that I DO end up purchasing there, sometimes the crazy things that I see there and DON'T buy are just as much fun!

Because of this, I'm going to start YARD SALE DETAIL, where I post pictures of the treasures that I find, some of them will be things that have made it home with me and are waiting to be "flipped," into something fabulous, and some will be crazy things I see along the way!

This first edition of Yard sale detail, is just a Saturday morning of yard saleing around my home town of Warrenton, Virginia...
How cool is this old stove? The man said that it still works...but I think it would make an amazing coffee table with a piece of glass on top. You could spray paint it if you wanted...but I think you would loose some of it's character...especially since it is in such good shape!
Old Budweiser mirror. I didn't buy this and I kinda wish I friend Tina's husband is a distributor for Bud and he would love this...but the guy was sketchy about whether or not it worked, and it was at an outdoor sale that didn't have anywhere to test it out. Boo.
Hoot! I did buy this guy! It's one of those owls that you buy to scare off birds and what not. He was a little dirty from being outside but it very good shape. I plan on spraying him with a few coats of primer, and then painting him a creamy white color to match my bed frame and setting him in the corner of my room and he will look very similar to ones found at popular stores EVERYWHERE for a lot more. Here is one I found on pinterest that I love, but had a big old price tag. Mine will cost like $6 when I'm done with him, because I already have the primer!
Isn't he cool?
Think outside the box! Just because he is ceramic, does not mean that your owl HAS to be ceramic to be beautiful! Mine is going to be plasticy and foamy, but by looking at him, no one is going to notice!!
I bought this little bird cage for $1 from a pair of really cute little girls at their mom's yard sale. I plan on painting it either white or turquoise to match my room (the green is very obnoxious in real life, the picture does not do it justice,) and then I could put a little candle in it, or maybe one of those beautiful little bird ornaments that come out at Christmas time. I don't know...haven't decided yet. I just think that bird cages are kinda cool.
Fifty cents...I'll take it!! Probably won't stay gold, but I have no definite plans for it yet. Stay tuned.
This guy was hard to get a good picture of (I just carry my phone when yard saleing to avoid looking like a weirdo with a big ol' camera,) but he is a brown dachshund planter, and he is about 2 feet long! I paid way more than I usually spend for anything at yard sales for him. $22...But he is an antique, and in amazing chips, cracks, or stains. He was never used as a planter because he is amazingly clean! I'm in love with this little guy! Now I just have to figure out what to do with him!!

That's all I have for now...but it's almost Saturday again, and you know what that means!!

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