Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinterest motivational challenge 1


As I mentioned in my last post, my friend Michelle and I started this "Pinterest motivational challenge," waaaaay back in March. We both were kind of in a rut and needed to start DOING some of the projects we loved so much!

The first project was supposed to be a melted crayon picture. You know, the ones with the hair dryer that are all over the 'net right now, that look so easy? Yeah not so much!

I'm still not done with mine, and I'm not thrilled with the way it's going, so it may never make it to the blog, but Michelle is awesome and did hers and even mailed it to me from Wisconsin...still didn't get me motivated, ha ha.

The second project involves drawing on white paper or canvas with a white crayon, and then painting over it with watercolors. There are some BEAUTIFUL examples on pinterest.

These are from pinterest and what we used for inspiration:

I'm not that great at drawing to tell you the truth. And the water colors had me all mixed up. I couldn't get the colors I wanted, and they kept mixing when I didn't want them to. I'd LOVE to know how they got that beautiful magenta color on the left.

Here is Michelle's, I love how something so simple can be so sweet and unique! It would look just perfect sitting in a bathroom, on your desk at work or on top of a kid's dresser, just to remind them that you love them :) It's a 2x2 canvas sitting on a teeny tiny little easel! Sooo cute! I think she got both items at Michael's. She's so thrifty too...she didn't want to buy watercolors for just one little project, so she used watered down food coloring!! (I got mine at Walmart for $1 during the back to school sale, and then gave them to Aron and Jason.)

And here is mine...TOTALLY different direction than Michelle's (which is why I love this challenge...being 900 miles away from each other and not seeing it until the finished product lead to BIG surprises! LOVE it!)
Not so much for kiddos ;) I just drew a sugar skull (after about 500 tries, finally got one I liked,) on a piece of white card stock and painted over it with purple, blue and red. The 5x7 canvas frame is from Archiver's.

Now that the first one is done...I can't WAIT to do the next one!!

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