Friday, October 5, 2012

Hot scented wax...really?

Do any of you out there get into Scentsy?

You know...those parties that people have in their homes that sell the really expensive warmers for the scented wax?

Well, I for one was not into it...AT ALL!

I have a personal thing against candles of ANY kind, and I was dumb in thinking that Scentsy was in the candle business (because I never even bothered looking at the catalog!) I'm a firefighter (not active right now...but still,) so I have seen what candles do, and so you will never see me light up in my house, no sir.

But then Gioia had a Scentsy party, and I went, because she is Gioia. I love me some Gioia...I would not have gone if it was anyone else. WHAT?? I'm being honest!

I went and listened and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Scentsy warmers run off of low wattage light bulbs that are NO FIRE HAZARD at all! The same as a little night light or lamp! I was totally excited for this safe little smelly adventure! The consultant had about a million little pots of smelly that you could sample and after a while I had no idea which one I liked better! They were all delicious smelling!

So I decided to order a large warmer and a few Scentsy bars for myself and give it a go, and I'm afraid to admit it, but I was WRONG about Scentsy...I LOVE the hot scented wax! I plugged it in upstairs in my bedroom and went downstairs for about 30 minutes and by the time I came back up, the whole upstairs smelled amazing! I highly recommend the Luna scent!

So, which warmer did I pick??? This little guy:
I love him! He needs a name...any suggestions? I also got one for my brother-in-law for Christmas but I can't share that just yet :) Who else is into Scentsy? Which warmers and scents do you guys have?

(No one from Scentsy asked me to write this, these are all my own opinions, however if you would like to order something, my little sister is having a book party from now, October 5-October15 if you would to order!)

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