Monday, October 29, 2012

Yard sale detail...

It's been a couple weeks...I had to skip yard saleing for two Saturdays IN A ROW due to working a second job for the month of October that kept me out until midnight or later, and then having to go back to work later on Saturday. (More on the second job and all of its awesomeness later!)

If you missed my first Yard sale detail post, you can read it here

But I'm back and ready to roll! Here are my treasures from a girls morning with Gioia and Tina, as well as a few online yard sale finds.

I'm in LOVE with this new bag...the color is perfect for fall and the leather is SO soft! That's right...leather. Real leather and only $8.
Cat's meow...have you ever seen these? They sit on top of the molding in doorways and what not. They used to be more popular. You can get them of pretty much any city in the world. My Ma had tons of them from England.

I have a few, one from Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West, one of my firehouse...well this one is Fauquier High school, where I graduated from. It will NEVER look like this again because they are putting on this monstrous addition, which is hideous by the way. $10...a little more than I usually pay for yard sale stuff, but it had sentimental value :)
Wooden pineapple bowl, going to paint and seal it to make a cute spoon rest by the stove! I'm going to go ahead and admit that I pretty much snatched this out of Tina's hand. My bad. 50 cents.
You can't beat free...or ten cents for that matter! Fiskars scissors sharpener...costs around $10 new, always wanted one, but couldn't justify spending then money.

Two little owls. Need to be spray painted  and sealed because they are chipping in places...and their eyes freak me out. May add some fabric flowers or lace around the bottoms and sell them on etsy as wedding cake toppers :)

If you remember from my first yard sale detail post, I bought a large owl to paint and seal. And I also wrote about my new "whoot," scentsy warmer...which is a big white owl. I dig owls...and spray paint.
This is a VERY heavy little piece. You screw it into the wall with the holes in his ears and bow tie. The upper teeth stick out and it is used as a bottle opener. I got this for my cousin, Brian. He is a tattoo artist near Richmond, and collects all kinds of cool stuff and I thought this would go nicely in his "office." I paid $1 for this weird little guy, but I told Brian that it fell out of my box of Cheerios.
Black and white fabric...50 cents. Can never have too much fabric, right? My mom would dad would ultimately disagree.
Twilight tote for my sister, Erin. 50 cents. She loves her some twilight. I love totes this size, they are good for taking lunch to work or running errands, or carrying gym shoes, or whatever!!
First of all, I need to manage all that crap in my room...yikes! I paid $5 for this mirror and the two little white owls above.

This mirror is pretty awesome. The frame is plastic, but its pretty sturdy. It will be a re-do and sell piece. I'm thinking black frame with black and white fabric flowers made out of the fabric pictured above. As an accent color I tend to ALWAYS use turquoise, so I'm going to try and use purple or something else this time!

So what have you found lately? An $8 genuine leather bag? Some Christmas gifts? I'm excited to see!!

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