Friday, October 19, 2012

Ribbon, ribbon, who has some ribbon?

I do! That is for damn sure!

I LOVE ribbon...a little too much. In fact, the other day my mom said if I had any scrap ribbon, I should gather it up and give it to her to take to the preschool.

I looked at her, arched one eyebrow, and growled said "I don't share ribbon."

I'm always on the hunt for projects to use up scrap ribbon. Actually I hate that term, "scrap ribbon." It's just ribbon that got separated from its spool, hasn't found its potential yet...that doesn't make it "scrap." Ugh.
When you loose a small child at the mall, do you call it "scrap?" No? I didn't think so. are a few ribbon projects I've done in the past that I love:
My Easter topiary centerpiece done with a Styrofoam ball; pink, green and yellow ribbons; a dowel and a flower pot!
Wrapping presents is a PERFECT use for small, extra pieces of ribbon!
Oscar approved Christmas wreaths! Just buy a cheap Styrofoam or grapevine wreath and tie till your fingers hurt! Add a fun ornament or other charm in the middle for a fun touch :) Tutorial here at my old blog!

40 (or 30 or whatever! sucks) craft/gift bucket with lollipops/suckers. I used TONS of said scrap ribbon on this projects! Tutorial here@ the old blog!

So there are Four projects just off the top of my head...what do YOU use ribbon for???

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