Friday, September 21, 2012

Pin me!

If you are a DIY'er or a crafter, I'm sure you have already been sucked into the world of Pinterest. A happy little site FULL of crafts, recipes, DIY ideas for your home, outfit ideas, etc etc etc.

These days, if I'm looking for something, I can usually find it on there. For sister, Erin, mentioned seeing a bib style necklace made completely of safety pins in a magazine, but she couldn't remember which one. She tried to find a picture of it by googling, and had no luck. She mentioned it to me, and in 3.2 seconds, I had 30 different safety pin necklaces up on pinterest for her to choose from! This was the prettiest one we found, and the one she is going to try and make:
Another GREAT use for pinterest is the recipes!!! My other sister, Hannah, is a vegetarian and has some lactose intolerance issues. Her boyfriend, Joshie my bad...Joshua ;) has Celiac disease and must be on a gluten free diet. Inviting them over for dinner can be almost impossible sometimes. Pinterest allows me to search for recipes that meet everyones needs, and taste good too (most of the time!)

So...WAY back in March, my good friend Michelle decided that we needed to get MOTIVATED and use our talents more often, instead of just looking at all these awesome ideas on pinterest! She created the "Emily and Michelle get motivated challenge!"

The way that it was supposed to work was that every 2 weeks one of us would pick a project off of pinterest, then both of us would do it, then post pictures to facebook for the other to see (she lives in Wisconsin, and I'm in's a lot harder for us to craft together than it was when I was in Chi-town!)
You can read about when we FIRST started the challenge here...yeah, in March.

Well, props to Michelle, she picked 2 projects and got them done. Me? Well....


My next post will have my FIRST completed pinterest motivational challenge project! And it only took me six months to buy the materials, do the project, and write a post!

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