Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weiner dogs on Wednesday

This will be my first Weiner dogs on Wednesday post with out the man himself pictured in it =(
Poor guy...actually he doesn't mind a bit! More play time and less of me-making-him-sit-still-for-the-camera time.

Christmas is coming, people. It's already the middle of September. It seems like it was just February and Oscar and I were moving back home to Virginia! Time to start planning gifts, menus, decorations, cards, and the tree!

Did I mention that Oscar has his own tree? I've never taken a picture of it for some reason, but I will this year. It started because when he was a baby, I bought a little doxie ornament, and then a lady at church bought me a set of four, really cute crocheted dachshund ornaments that Crate and Barrel had out that year, and then a co worker got me one, and then it just went crazy from there. The dog ended up with around 20 ornaments on his first Christmas when he was six months old, so I got him a little tree.

Now, for the last two years we had red dachshund ornaments on the tree as well, and he shared with Lyla, but this year, its back to being just HIS tree, and I will mail all of those ornaments back to Kurt's mom...because I'm a nice person and I know that she will appreciate them since they have Lyla living with them now. Only black or silver dapple doxies this year, on the tree...I promised him ;)

So? What does this have to do with Weiner dogs on Wednesday? I came up with a cute Christmas card idea that I'm pretty sure we will be using this year. (We being Oscar and I...)

The JOY is a card stock overlay that was purchased from a store in Elmhurst, IL, called Creative Cuts and Crafts. It is intended for Iris folding. It comes in a package of 5 with Bazzil (shiny paper) cards and envelopes for around $5-6. I REALLY miss having them around.They had amazing products including iris folding patterns and pre-cut cards, would do custom cut scrapbook pages or cards, and held some awesome classes in their store.

The Dachshund stamp was purchased from Doxie Stamps, they can be found at I just stamped him on a small piece of white card stock and taped it onto the back of the JOY piece, making sure not to cover any of the 'J' or the 'Y.'

The 'Merry Christmas' stamp is from Hobby Lobby, another store I miss from Chicago. There is one in Fredericksburg, but that's an hour away, I used to have one less than a mile from my office. Dangerous? Yes!  I stamped that on there with silver ink.

I haven't done anything on the inside yet. I may put a picture of the Osc man and myself, or I might print a little greeting or Bible verse off of the computer, haven't decided.

 I have 3 packages of these from Creative cuts and crafts, and I then I have a light box and a craft knife to try and make them myself.

I've gotten 2 Christmas gifts already too. Just because they were on sale, and seemed to be a really good deal.

Has anyone else given any thought to Christmas yet?

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