Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its pretty well known to anyone that hangs around me in person that I'm obsessed really into all  of the awesome projects and tips that John and Sherry have to share over at YoungHouseLove.com

(I'm always like "Oh, That rug is from Pottery Barn, I saw it on YHL," or "I should really spray paint this yellow, like Sherry did, on YHL.")

I have referenced them a few times on here,  (most recently here when I talked about getting Hannah the same Ram bust that Sherry had) but not NEARLY enough for you guys to know how much I enjoy reading every day and how it is one of the few DIY blogs out there that actually makes me LOL.

Anyway, John and Sherry have been working on a book, and it will be available on November 6th. It is available for preorder at amazon, if can't wait...like me. It's my early Christmas present to myself.

(If you can't click on my either of my link's above, you can go directly to Younghouselove.com, or try searching for their book called:
Young House Love:243 Ways to paint, craft, update & show your home some love.

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