Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emily and Michelle's GET MOTIVATED challenge!

I have this awesome friend, Michelle, who lives in Wisconsin. We met through a dachshund group while I was living in Chicago and found out that we had a lot more in common than our love for dogs of the long and low variety.

Michelle is an extremely talented quilter, but she also does tons of other really cute crafts that don't involve sewing. We always talk about our craft successes and fails, and what crafts we would love to do, if we just had the motivation!

Well, about a week ago, Michelle gave me a challenge! She suggested that we start giving each other these challenges every 2 weeks or so to motivate each other to do all of the wonderful projects that we see on pinterest, since we are both addicted.

So how does that work? Her being in Wisconsin, and me being in Virginia now? of us picks a project and then we both do it, not copying the pintrest project, but doing our own version, and then we send each other pictures. There is no winner or loser in this challenge, its just fun and motivational!! I say that, though I have yet to start my first project, which Michelle picked for me WELL over a week ago!

Michelle chose the first project, and I was SO excited! She challenged me to a melty crayon art duel...if you have been on pinterest for any amount of time, I know you have seen these amazing pieces of art, I can only hope that mine turns out that well.

All of the pictures below are from pinterest, stay tuned for pictures of my melty crayon project, as well as Michelle's!!

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