Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hannah's grad party!!

Here is another post that I am (way) late on:
My little sister's graduation party. (Picture heavy post)

As I had mentioned in this post, my "baby" sister graduated from VCU in May. We couldn't be more proud of here. Here is my whole fam, showin' off our baby girl!
The next day we had a little par-tay here at the house for her. I would have gone ALL OUT, but she specifically requested that I didn't, because she KNOWS how I can be! She wanted low key, some BBQ, live music, and that's what she got!

Well, kinda...You know I had to decorate a *little* because that's how I roll, right?

First I framed one of her Graduation announcements (that I made, so much cheaper, prettier, and easier to personalize to YOUR grad ex: you can put their minors, that they graduated cum laude, etc) and put it on the table and used it as a cheap and easy decoration!
Next I made a garland of black and gold circles with my 3 inch circle punch and strung them all together and put it up in our sun room, since most of the party was outside, and the sun room was kind of a "transition" room and could be seen from inside and out:
Hannah had mentioned really wanting this ceramic ram from Z gallerie, and since VCU's mascot is the Ram, Erin and I got it for her as her graduation present. I knew all about this ram from one of my FAVORITE blogs, and Sherry's mishap with the very same ram!
So anyway, since we had rammy, we used him, with her graduation hat as decor!

(Rammy has since been spray painted a shiny gold and looks fantastic!)

So that was pretty much it, since she made me keep it low key...I also had some black and gold balloons scattered about, and on the mailbox, that I didn't photograph.

Here is the grad, and her other half, Joshua, and their pups:
Oh, and live music, we DID have that! My dad, uncle, and aunt provided some fantastic music the whole night, while we ate BBQ and drank pomegranate margaritas!

That's my dad, hes pretty awesome :)

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