Saturday, July 28, 2012

30 second love!

I made these cute little boogers for Valentines Day for my Sunday school class, back in Chicago. I know I'm a little (OK...a LOT) late, but the colors could easily be changed and the same concept could be applied to almost ANY holiday or occasion!

These are what I like to call the "30 second Valentine." Literally, from start to finish, it took me 30 seconds, and the kids just went crazy for them! Imagine how cute they would be with different candies and ribbons for Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's day, baby showers, soccer parties, or any other event you could think of!!

I got these little 12 ounce sport bottle containers at Walmart for $1.44/each (They had blue,purple and pink as well,), but I am sure that with a little more shopping around, you could probably find something at the dollar store a little cheaper...or even try online stores like Oriental trading.

I washed and dried the containers, filled them with Valentines M&Ms (use anything...jelly beans, skittles, chocolates, trail mix, goldfish, etc!) and tied some coordinating ribbons around the top.
I added a "Happy Valentines Day!" tag after I took the pictures.

So cute, So easy, and SOOO quick!

And y'all KNOW me...I LOVE a reusable container! Who doesn't love an extra little water bottle for their littles? Hate throwing away all those stupid plastic goody bags!


  1. I love that you used a sports bottle! What a great idea! -Marci

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