Saturday, July 7, 2012


All people have a weakness. It's a fact, there is no way around it. I happen to work for a cardiologist, and a good one at that. He is an example to his patients in that he stays in shape, he doesn't smoke or drink, he exercises. But what they don't know (well, some of them do) is that Dr. R is a chocoholic!!!

It's true. When I started working there, the girls told me that if we kept chocolate out on the break room table, we would never have any problems! He is a great boss, and he takes amazing care of our patients, so hey, the man deserves some chocolate every once and a while...but that doesn't come without us making fun of him a little bit!

As usual, I wanted to do a homemade birthday gift. I looked around on pinterest and found some cute chocolate gift basket ideas, but most of them were just too girly. Then I found I found this idea, and it was perfect!

First of all, boo for cell phone pics!

I started with an 8x8 shadowbox frame from Michael's. (you know I used my 40% coupon, so that made it about $4)
Then I put a piece of white card stock in the pack of it and hot glued the Hershey bar into the back and let it set.
Then I just bought some cheap letter stickers from Target and put the words on. I originally wanted to do nicer letters in red, with my cricut...but I just ran out of time and my cricut is buried somewhere in the garage from my move...and the only person who noticed that I didn't use die cut letters and not stickers was me, so who cares, right??

Anyway...SO cute, super easy, tons of compliments, and cheap!! You can do it! It is now hanging in our office, to bring a smile to all of out cute little cardio patients!

*How cute would this be with a mini bottle of wine or liquor? Or for a baby shower with a binkie? or anything else? The possibilities are endless. Comment and tell me what you would put in it!

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