Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Virginia Beach

Sometimes, a spur of the moment beach trip is just what your soul needs to unwind, relax, and recharge...I know that is EXACTLY what I needed last week.

My parents and sisters and I had a massive yard sale on Saturday morning, and then after that, my very favorite road tripper, Chris, and I were outta here! He drove, I drank sweet tea and nodded off a few was good :)

We hit a little bit of traffic but were able to get down there around 6pm and walk around on the beach and enjoy the last bit of sunlight before heading to dinner. Then we eye balled all the silly t-shirts, shot glasses, henna tattoos, and hermit crab cages that line the stores of the board walk on Atlantic Avenue until we got tired and headed back to the hotel to pass out. 

We had some awesome pancakes and then went looking for something to do until the air show started. I had been to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center when I was a kid, with my family and loved it. I went again when I was down there for "beach week," the week after I graduated high school...but the $21 entrance fee was a little steep for us back then, so we just watched the seals in the big tank outside and went on with our bad selves. This time, was game on!

Chris and I walked and around and I was in total awe at how much the place had changed in 10 years. There were so many amazing exhibits and things to see! We were there for hours! It turned out to be the highlight of our trip! Here are a few pics, but seriously, they don't even do the place justice!

Oh, and check out my new, purple shoes! There was an incident with my flip flops rubbing a HUGE blister on my foot, so we went to 17th street surf shop,  where I was able to score these sweet purple vans from the little boys section for a ridiculous price!

After that it was back to the beach to watch the air show. We managed to get there JUST in time to see the Blue Angels. I'll admit it, I was exactly thrilled to see airplanes fly around...but let me tell you, it was AMAZING! The tricks that they were doing were UNREAL!! People could have died with just a tiny slip up by any of those pilots! It was actually very cool, I'm not going to lie! I will definitely be going to see another air show if the opportunity comes up.

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