Friday, July 27, 2012


...wishing my "baby" sister, Hannah, a happy 23rd birthday! A college grad, and a beautiful, intelligent, amazing, woman...seems like she just turned 5 to me!

...wishing the best for one of my oldest friends, Katie, as she married her best friend and the father of her sweet Avery today!

...very excited about the Olympics, although Momma usually has an unhealthy obsession with them and will be glued to the TV for the next 17 days, ha ha :)

...obsessed with sugar skulls for some reason. Just asked Michelle to make me a sugar skull bag with some super cute fabric I found.

...fighting the first migraine that I have had in 4 months. Especially after last year, where I was having 2-3 per week, I guess I should not complain, but still not feeling very good. Boo.

...listening to my 15 pound Dachshund snore like a grown man.

...stressing about my divorce being finalized soon. I just want it to be over so that  I can move on with life.

...planning on making some super cute headbands that I saw on pinterest this weekend, out of old t shirts. We will see how motivated I actually am!

...excited about taking Hannah to the flea market tomorrow as her birthday "present," and buying her whatever her heart desires (within reason!!)

...loving Philip Philip's song, "Home"

....wishing sleep came easier. Goodnight y'all

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