Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wiener dogs on Wednesday!

I think it's time to bring this back! I had it on and although unfortunately my Lyla bug is still in Chicago, Oscar is here to stay and ready to be in the spotlight for some Wednesday blog posts!!

Some of you may be wondering how the little man is doing without his sister, and how he has adjusted to the move and everything, and to that I am happy to report that he is doing great!
1. We are very fortunate to be living with my mom and dad right now, who have 3 Italian greyhounds. While I wouldn't say that Oscar is exactly "friends" with them, I think he likes having them around.

2. He is now on a once a day feeding schedule, since they are...and he really seems to be doing well with that! He has lost some weight and seems to actually EAT his food when it is dinner time, instead of just picking at it.

3. He and I have both been exercising more and walking at night too, since my parents neighborhood was basically built for dog walking...its 1 mile exactly all the way around and has sidewalks and friendly people.

4.  Oh, and the best part...since Lyla was not very trustworthy in the house alone, both dogs were in the crate at night, every night. Lyla had a tendency to pee on our bed, on the couch...pretty much anywhere she pleased, but Oscar never has accidents. So what does that mean? He gets to sleep in my bed with me...every night, this dog is in heaven!

Poor thing looks miserable, doesn't he?

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