Saturday, March 24, 2012

Got that J-O-B!

It's true...I got a job, and one that I feel I am just PERFECT for, so I can't wait to start and see where this new adventure brings me!

I was pretty OK with the fact that I probably was not going to find something for a cardiologist, since that is such a specialized field, and I was also aware that since I am in the health care field, that I was probably going to have to start working weekends, so when I was offered a full time position, in a cardiologists office, with benefits, and no can imagine me picking my jaw up off of the floor!

There are several other advantages too, like it being literally across the street from the nephews school, about 20 minutes from the house that I would like to rent, and it being attached to a hospital, which means that my dad ,the funeral director, may get to pop in from time to time when he is  there for um, business, =) ha ha.

All that being said, I REALLY miss my old job, and I realized that I will start my new job on March 26th, which is the EXACT date 3 years ago that I started with Chicago Cardiology, I miss you guys!!! Here are a few pictures that I managed to get in on my very busy last day!

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