Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Christmas List...

So here we are, What I like to call "Christmas Eve Eve"

What is on your list?
Oscar and I have a little imaginary list going on here. We haven't shared it with anyone, so we know we aren't getting any of it, ha ha =)

In all reality, we are SO glad to be home with my family for the first time in 4 years. I am safe, and not in fear for my safety this year. I am not working 80+ hours to try and support an alcoholic husband. I am still battling the migraines, but less than last year! We have a roof over our heads, a warm bed to sleep in, I have a job (and Initials Inc!,) and a car to drive, and a little bit of money in my pocket! Because of these things, I've got EVERYTHING I want for Christmas, and this will the best Christmas I've had in a long time!

Doesn't mean a girl can't wish, right?? no particular order =)

1. Lasik surgery! My contacts are such a pain in the butt, and my glasses are an old Rx, and I can't really wear them except around the house. I'd loooooove to wake up, roll outta bed and be able to SEE!

2. A finalized divorce and financial papers!!

3. A REALLY good year with Initials Inc! Complete with tons of parties, sales, and maybe even a few recruits! There is an Initials Inc. conference in Atlanta in July that I would love to go to as well, hoping to make enough selling that I can go!
 4. Headache Ice Pillow from
5.  Turquoise or Aqua down comforter. My current one is VERY old, and Lyla chewed a hole in it a while ago. I keep putting packing tape over the whole, but that's pretty lame. I'd love a new one!!

6. Some new scrubs, including jackets. Scrubs get worn out, just like anyone else's "work clothes." So I could use some new tops, pretty good on pants. I've never been into wearing the jackets. I usually just wear long sleeved shirts under the tops. But since Jennifer has been on maternity leave, I've been stealing her black jacket almost every day, and I like it =) Since she will be back in mid-January, I should probably get my own!


7. New coat. All of my coats are "Chicago" rated. Totally unnecessary for down here. I really like this Carhartt one. They also have a pretty turquoise one that I saw. Something that will last, but doesn't need to be rated for sub-zero temperatures and 3 feet of snow!
8. Dog food. His stuff is pretty expensive. I love him and it helps keep him slim and trim, so I pay the $40 a bag, but if Ol' Saint Nick wants to help me out, by all means, throw a few bags in the sleigh!

9. Rawhides, Nylabones, Flea and tick meds, and anything else for Momma's boy...I usually would rather not eat lunch and pay for his stuff, so I'll just go ahead and ask for it for Christmas :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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