Friday, December 28, 2012

My nerdy little secret...

Everyone has a little nerd in them...and up until recently the fact that I collect playmobil figures has been a secret.

I've bought several sets of them for my nephews, and Matt and Gioia's boys through out the years. I'm not sure when I realized that the reason I kept buying them was really for me, and not them!

Then two years ago at church, they bought the HUGE Noah's Ark and Nativity Scene for the kid's play room! I sat there with another older lady for about 2 hours putting everything know, for the kids =)

This lady was German, and had owned and operated a toy store both in Germany and there in Chicago. She told me all about all the different playmobil sets she had seen and how she had seen them change over the years.

If I didn't love them then, I sure did now! It was Christmas time, and I went home and bid on my very first one that night on eBay. A set of two, A Santa and an Angel. I won those bad boys for $2.50.

To this day, the angel at the top of my tree is Playmobil.
So I just collected one Santa at a time. I told myself I'd never pay more than $1 for a figure. Because paying more than $1 for a toy, as a grown woman, is kinda silly.
So in 4 years, I've collected these Santas:
Wow! That's a whole lotta St. Nick, huh? I love them! Last year they sat (literally, they're little bodies bend, love it!) on my mantle, just chillin' waiting for the REAL Santa to come :)

So then I'd just pick up other figures as I would see them at yard sales, garage sales, etc. Again, I follow the $1 or less rule. I don't have too many of the other guys.
The four to the right are vintage 70's figures :) The fireman is new! He was a gift from a friend who recently found out about my nerd collection. He is a key chain but I'm reluctant to put him on my keys because his face shield comes off pretty easily.

My "other" category is rather lame! They have nurses, Indians, cowboys, rebel soldiers, pirates, princesses, mermaids, fireman, zombies, snowmen, zookeepers, biblical characters, British castle guards, ghosts, vampires, kings and queens, police, bus drivers, race car drivers, etc etc etc.

So there you have it, I'm not only crafty, but also a collector of toys, just call me Sheldon Cooper! That's not so bad though, I love me some Sheldon.


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