Friday, August 31, 2012

Guilty as charged...

Do you guys have guilty pleasures? I sure as heck do. And lately, I've been feeling like CRAP and just indulging away.

 Not only emotionally, since my Ma died and the divorce coming up on being final and work being kinda crappy...but physically my migraines are back and my back/hip hurt like HELL-o!
So here is what I'm guilty of, ladies and gentleman:

Mt. Dew:
If you know me, you already knew I had a Coke drinking problem, well you probably didn't know that it also included Mt. Dew. Well lately I've been just doin' the Dew, less Coke...more caffeine, because I haven't been sleeping I guess. And it's just so gooood!

I used to freecycle when I lived in Manassas a good bit, but it was for things I needed. I've been just picking up things like horse head bookends, kitchen chairs (I got those because I wanted to paint them hot pink...why??) etc, just because they were free and I wanted them.

Online yard sale:
Pretty much the same as Freecycle. I have been actually SELLING some things on there though, so I'm trying to balance my spending with my earning.

Not doing chores:
Holy Moses, I haven't done laundry at ALL in over 2 weeks, Hannah had to literally scream at me to clean the bathroom (it was my turn,) my car is a disaster, my room looks like a bomb when off. I need to get it together. I don't think I have any clean underwear, literally.

Pop tarts:
Guilty, guilty, guilty. They are so Delicious! When I have a migraine, that's been pretty much all I eat. I'm a mess! Ugh.

I have a doctors appointment this morning, to hopefully help with the back/hip issues, and I see my neurologist on Tuesday to talk more about the migraines. In between now and then I have 4 days off and I'm going to clean, clean, laundry...put some things up for sale on the online yard sale to make some money, and hopefully get a little rest!

What are your guilty pleasures? Indulging any this Labor Day weekend?

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