Friday, January 4, 2013



This time of year is always a little nuts for me. I work for an already busy cardiologist, but when people decide that they want to make and follow through with New Year's Resolutions, they usually involve taking care of one's self and for a lot of people that involves:

1. Working out, which may require cardiac clearance if they have a previous cardiac problem

2. Working out, which they can't handle, so they end up causing a NEW cardiac problem

3. Going to the doctor for a "check up," which they haven't had since last January, so now their cholesterol is out of control, none of their medications are up to date, and they need all of their annual testing...and they want it all done. Now.

4. They got new insurance as of 1/1, or they are now 65 and so they can now go to the doctor, and come in and be pushy and demanding about needing testing, lab work, prescriptions, etc all done. Now.

I love my job, and love my patients even more...but these obnoxious, once a year people get on my damn nerves!! They are like the people who only go to Church on Christmas and call themselves Christians, or the ones that donate $25 to the SPCA or another charity once every five years and want a big pat on the back. UGH.

Anyway, what are your resolutions? Stay tuned for Oscar and I's goals and resolutions for 2013, and our best and worst moments of 2012!

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