Friday, March 8, 2013

Back to my old tricks!!

Here I am again, back to my old tricks...not blogging for a month at a time being at the top of my list!

My bad. No really, I'm constantly thinking about ways in which I can improve the blog, projects that I can show and/or do tutorials for, etc...but then I get distracted....

By really a tall, funny, good lookin' computer nerd from Massachusetts.

Meet Christopher. Or Mouse. I call him mouse...why? Ask someone from Massachusetts to say mouse...and you will know why! =)
 We've been doin' our thing for 3 months or so. He makes me laugh until my belly hurts, he's considerate and caring, we go on crazy "adventure" dates. He loves Oscar, Cuban food, trying new things, and he's a good dancer! Things are moving slow and super fun and amazing. I couldn't be happier!

(Oh...yes I could, if my divorce would hurry up and be finalized. I'm not super keen on having a boyfriend AND a husband. Ugh. Chris is very understanding though, and we just don't talk about the last 4 years of my life and the idiot that was a part of them!)

How did we meet? I knew that was coming! He works with own mother even said that she trusts Matt and Gioia's judgement over mine at this point. I'd have to say that I agree! Good job and thank you, guys!!!

What have you been up to? Because let me tell you, I haven't been blogging, OR blog reading! I haven't been like this about a boy since I was probably 14 years old! haha

I DO have some craftiness planned for this week though, so I'll see you soon!

Did I mention that I got this Yankee into a pair of cowboy boots?!? He's so cute!! haha

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