Friday, February 24, 2012

Here we are, our brand new life...

Hello there, it's me Emily from
It's a little hard to continue a blog called "Rosenbergh Fam," when you are no longer a  "Fam," and once you serve the guy with divorce papers, you won't be a Rosenbergh anymore either right?

I have a ton of new ideas for this blog, and now that I have lived though all of this,I have watched my hard earned money go to "Sams liquor store," over and over and over. I have been lied to so many times that I wonder if I will ever trust a man again? I have been yelled at, I have seen alcohol change the man I loved into a monster and I have been a victim of the abuse of an alcoholic husband, I feel like I can reach out to those who are wondering...what the HELL do I do?!?

I will continue to do crafty posts, thrift store finds, Wiener Dog Wednesdays (I still have one of those...the BEST one a girl could ask for!!) as well as What I wore, and MORE exciting things.

I thank all of you for being supportive, and I hope that this new blogging journey can be as successful as the last one, but ten fold!!!

Please say your prayers for me as I try and drive my car with an 8 foot UHaul trailer behind it through 6 inches of snow today to get back to the OLD DOMINION. Lord how I have missed Virginia!!!!

Lots of love!
Whem (a childhood nickname...since I'm going to live in my childhood home, I found it appropriate) and Osc the wonder dog!!!

Whats a post without a pic???
Osc the wonder dog, Momma's greatest support!

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